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A Real Story of Success

Last year I experienced what a Merchant Cash Advance is. I got an email from that turned out to be life changing for both my sporting goods store and me. It was a normal email for entrepreneurs, with an offer to apply for an MCA. How did they know I was looking for additional capital?

A growing trend toward people taking responsibility for a healthy lifestyle gave me an idea to open a sporting goods store. Two years have gone by since that day. I had the money for a good and fast startup, so the business plan was written, all the papers were set in order, the place for a store was rented, and staff was hired.

The startup was outstanding and massive. We were a newly opened store and had many customers so we had pretty high sales. Things proceeded in this way for six or eight months, but I did not plan that my business could demand some additional expenses. Naturally, we had frequent buyers, but new customers did not hurry to visit our store and advertising campaigns needed arranging. The store’s income just covered my own startup’s expenses. I had no cash for advertising.

I made an application at the local bank first, but they required too many papers and years in business, so I failed there. I heard a lot about alternative lending opportunities that give small businesses fast access to cash. I browsed the Internet and decided I should just pick the best lending terms for what I needed.

Thank goodness, I got that email with information about the Merchant Cash Advance from 800fund. I followed the link and surfed their site and, you know, I liked the terms they set up. The application form with several easy questions is very simple to fill out. Frankly speaking, the whole application and approval processes were fast and smooth. The company’s analyst called me and answered my questions, so I was assured that this is the company that can help my business.

The Merchant Cash Advance is a bit more expensive than simple credit from the bank, but it’s worth it when you really need working capital fast. The same was true in my situation; my store needed financing and that is why I wasted no time in applying. I was informed that an MCA would be given in exchange for a share of the future sales. I thought: Better get off easy than try to make ends meet. David, an analyst from 800fund, calculated APR (annual percentage rate) according to our time in business and monthly income. It was not so high; moreover, the percentage of my daily repayments could vary from day to day, and that means on a slow day I pay less than on a high day.

Within a few days, I already had the cash and started the advertising campaign by the end of a week. In one more week, I saw the beneficial effect of the ad that we placed thanks to the Merchant Cash Advance from And in the same week, I noticed better cash flow, and the company started to take a percent of my daily sales. In less than five months, I managed to return the advance. I did not overpay much, so I am happy now. I highly recommend the Merchant Cash Advance from 800fund to every small business owner in need of cash!

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Stacy M

I found out about from a business friend. He used the services of this company too. Im satisfied with the cutomer service they provided and of course with the progress of my coffe shop after using a Merchant Cash Advance from Thank you! Keep it up!


Ha! I also worked with David! He’s a nice guy! He cut the crap and I got funded less than in one week! Yeah, and the whole process was very easy, agree!! Pay David more, he deserved it after dealing with such a naggy person as I am.


Thanks for sharing your success, dear author. Was very curious how it is going on among other merchants. As I see the processes are quite similar to each other.

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