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Get Benefit from Halloween 2016

There are skulls and skeletons, Jack-o-lanterns, paper ghosts, bats and spiders everywhere! The ‘spookiest’ time of the year is almost upon us! Halloween is now the third biggest holiday of the year, after Christmas and Thanksgiving, and not only this, it’s also the start of a fabulous two months for business owners, when consumer spending sight of money.

Halloween 2016: Small Business Owners will push up the sales!

Some experts estimate that during Halloween 2016, consumers will purchase over $10 billion in holiday-themed supplies. Some small businesses are overjoyed when Halloween hits, such as shops that specialize in costumes, sweets, décor items or those that put on spooktastic events. However, it’s also possible to increase the selling even if your small business isn’t usually associated with Halloween.

Here are just a few ideas which you can use:

Coffee shops

It’s a usual thing for a coffee shop to sell a delicious themed pastry. So keeping up with Halloween would be not a problem for your small business! Just make sure you offer your customers something unique and memorable, especially if your employees have creepy costumes.

Gift shops

If you own a gift shop you could stock up on some themed extras, maybe black and orange lights complete with creepy candlesticks. And, what about offering a range of Halloween teddies and toys for children? The majority of young people love Halloween, after all, they get to dress up and collect candy!

Beauty Salons

Hairdressers could offer packages for wild zombie hair, or green rinses; make-up artists could provide some face painting too. This way people can get prepped and excited for whatever they have planned for the scariest night of the year.

Bars & Night Clubs

Halloween is the time to remember the spookiest cocktails such as El Diablo, Pumpkin Martini, Bloody Mary, Vampire Punch, Morgue-A-Rita, and many other. If you haven’t got some special event on that night, you’re seriously missing out. You should invite people to a costume party hosted by your business, create garish cocktails with gummy worms dangling out of them and put on special offers for the night. Adults love to dress up just as much as children, so make sure that when they do, it’s because they have plans for your bar or nightclub.

Your company doesn’t need to have any obvious connection to Halloween; you just need to be prepared. If you don’t have the additional budget for all the décor items and supplementary details, you can obtain a business cash advance from Cash advances are not commercial loans that are hard to get for small business owners with bad or poor credit and without collateral. These are fast money for the operational needs for a short term. Easy to apply! Easy to qualify! Easy to pay back! Give us a call 212.865.3863 or visit our website to get started!

Make sure you:

  • Decorate
  • Introduce deals and offers
  • Think outside the box
  • Market and advertise
  • Purchase adequate stock
  • Use social media
  • Plan in advance
  • Get business cash advance

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