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Frequently Asked Questions

A merchant cash advance is a quick alternative way to obtain working capital for your needs. Merchant cash advances are based on your future credit card receivables. It’s an easily available alternative to bank loans.
Unlike traditional lending solutions, merchant cash advances are usually remitted daily. The dollar amount remitted is based on a formula which is related to your daily sales. Each day your remittance amount will differ.
Once you are approved for a quick small business loan, you may use the money as you see fit for your business. Most business owners apply to alternative lending solution companies when they need money for new equipment, renovations, expanding market and advertising capital, taking advantage of closeouts or seasonal opportunities, financing training, financing payroll, need quick cash for emergencies.
That is ok, we can refinance merchant cash advance.
The requirements differ. While some formulas do exist, the underwriting at will look at every small business advance and score the opportunity internally.
Depending on the type of program you have chosen. In many cases will offer incentives for business owners to prepay a cash advance.