For many small business owners, getting a small business loan may be their only way of turning their dream of business ownership into a reality. Some may turn to banks or credit unions to obtain the necessary funds. And one of the “popular” funding opportunities is a Small Business Administration Loan. What is a Small

Capital investment is the keystone to the success of any business. For many small and medium enterprises (SMEs), there is a strong dependence on banks and other financial institutions for business loans. It is easy to apply for a loan in any of the commercial banks in America, as well as other lending institutions. More

Bank business loans require a written loan proposal that is time consuming, confusing, and very restrictive. Typically, the bank will lend you just in case you don’t really need the money but will be reluctant to loan out in case you need money urgently to finance your business. And even if you meet the business

Small business owners know that foot traffic is essential to the success of a brick-and-mortar store. Increasing customer traffic equates to more customer engagement and sales opportunities that in turn equal increased revenue. This makes it all that much more important to continuously strive to increase foot traffic flow into your small business. There are

NEW YORK – Dec. 1, 2016 – Across the country, thousands of protestors are demanding a mandatory minimum wage increase of $15 per hour for low wage workers. As the demonstrations continue to heat up in cities throughout the United States, the country is yet again, in the midst a heated national debate on the

Today’s consumers are constantly on-the-go, accessing the internet via smartphones and tablets at a much higher rate than that of traditional laptop or desktop access. Simply being “mobile friendly” may leave your small business behind. With an estimated 292.8 million cell phone users in the United States alone, the potential growth and revenue for your