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Alternatives to bank business loans

Bank business loans require a written loan proposal that is time consuming, confusing, and very restrictive. Typically, the bank will lend you just in case you don’t really need the money but will be reluctant to loan out in case you need money urgently to finance your business. And even if you meet the business bank loan requirements, your monthly payment schedule would be established with no consideration ever given to the ups and downs of business revenue flow.

Business Loans

Leave it to our funding specialist to help you getting small business loan alternative. Our working capital programs are available for many business industries, including retail, eCommerce, adult, automotive, health, furniture, and tourism.

We know as a small business owner, there are neverending challenges that happen when running a successful business. Sometimes emergencies come up, such as need in new equipment, a need to hire additional staff or just bad customer flow and you are planning to launch an ad campaign. With our merchant cash advances, you can easily cover these issues quickly, in as little as 72 hours.

Merchant Cash Advance – the money that can be electronically

So what is a factor rate?

Once you’ve received your advance you’ll begin to pay your lender a factor fee back on the daily basis. A Merchant Cash Advance provider doesn’t charge an interest rate, but factor rate. A factor rate is an instrument to determine how much you’ll pay for your business cash advance. The typical factor rate is 1.3. To figure out your total payback you multiply the advance to factor rate. So $10,000*1.3=$13,000. $10,000 is the principal, and $3,000 is a factor rate, the money that money provider earns for advancing you $10,000. It doesn’t matter if your term is 12 months, or 18 months, the payback period usually lasts from 6 to 9 months.

Application Process

Don’t worry about a ton of paperwork. Our process is simple, and requires minimum paperwork. All you have to do is fill-out a short one-page application, provide recent bank statements, and four recent merchant statements (if you accept credit cards).

Applying for a merchant cash advance from is fast and simple. The application is several questions and can be filled out online. You will be emailed in as little as 72 hours that you’ve been approved.

Merchant Cash Advance Requirements Include:

o In business for at least 6 Months

o Wide Range of Credit Types Accepted

o Monthly VISA/MasterCard revenue at least $5,000

o We don’t care about your FICO Score

So if you fit the bill and need to finance your business through, Apply Now.

When you don’t’ have the working capital for a business emergency, turn to for a fast and easy small business loan alternative. Our company offers working capital programs to enable small businesses to grow and thrive. Plus, there are no hidden fees, as we are straightforward about everything. From start to finish we will help each step of your way. The level of customer care is on obviously a sign that we truly want to help the USA economy. If one thing doesn’t work, we would absolutely find another way to make it work.

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