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A body language at the debate revealed many interesting

Millions have already watched and listened carefully to every Clinton’s and Trump’s word in the two first presidential debates. Both presidential candidates told the whole their truth, but sometimes how you move matters more than what you say, same was during three presidential debates. When both presidential candidates faced off in the first debate, Clinton won the body language debate showing confidence, a big smile, a strong walk, and she interacted easily with the crowd and moderator and shook Trump’s hand at mid-stage. By-turn Trump came on more slowly with a fake smile; his whole body was signaling less enthusiasm about being there.

Their second debate revealed much more interesting details that their political differences have become personal and that the mutual distaste that they feel is very real. That was obvious from the opening handshake that did not happen to the stone-faced stares and surely scowls. It should be noted, but if you watched their first debate’s meeting closely, you could see Clinton saying “Hello, hello,” coldly to Trump and then turning away before he could approach her to shake hands. He wound up taking an awkward step away from her as she turned to face the audience. So that means Clinton reformed a lot and condescended to shake Trump’s hand.

We were all told as children not to point at other people, and it’s still good advice. Hillary Clinton has been “a pointer.” But she appears to have had some coaching, and during the debate, she did not point at Trump even once. He, on the other hand, pointed at Clinton over and over and over at the every taken presidential debate. It did not play well, but kids forget about it all the time.

During the last and final debate, Trump was trying to act presidential and even was waiting his turn to speak. That means he reviewed looking bored or distracted, understood his mistakes during the first two debates and did his best, unlike Clinton who wore a Cheshire cat smile with an expression she neither believed nor cared for anything her opponent said. Smiling, of course, is powerfully positive body language but too much of it is a bad thing. Many have told after that Wednesday night, that Hilary Clinton’s smile is the scariest thing they could ever see in their life.

Both of presidential candidates had weak and strong moments, but as a bottom line, we can say one learns from one’s mistakes. That what showed Donald Trump, unlike Hillary Clinton.  But it’s good to remember that what we are watching is a performance. The performance with the specific intentions set by the candidates looking to make an emotional impact on the viewing audience. Body language is often as telling part of a candidate’s performance as their words. TV viewers can quickly determine who won a debate even with the sound muted.

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Yoshiro Sato

That’s all about acting ability. I suppose Clinton tought a lot how a president should act, what about Trump, I think, he just can’t hide his emotions. He’ll be a good president.

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