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10 Surefire Tips

NEW YORK, NY NOV 17, 2016.

It’s not too late for small- and medium-sized businesses to add some punch to their holiday receipts. According to FinTech industry leader 800fund, these last-minute strategies can make this a jolly selling season.

  1. Increase traffic by running holiday specials. Everyone loves a bargain. Give your customers motivation to brave the holiday crowds by offering a well-known item at a great price. Once they’re in the door, chances are they’ll keep buying! Oftentimes purchasing large amounts of inventory requires financing. specializes in inventory financing, cash advance and offers numerous other business financing options.
  2. Let your sales help spread the holiday cheer. Smart merchants know that happy employees lead to happy customers Consider incentivizing them to go the extra yard—it’ll help spread the holiday cheer.
  3. Time for a Christmas makeover. Your place of business should look, sound and smell like a holiday wonderland. Twinkling lights, the scent of pine or freshly baked cookies, tasteful holiday music—it all contributes to a feeling of warmth and security. Perfect for creating a buying mood while generating revenue. A small renovation will go a long way according to 800fund.
  4. Coupons, coupons and more coupons. Many shoppers love to clip coupons at home and plan their shopping excursions. Advertise locally—these are customers that will return throughout the year.
  5. Kick off a loyalty program. What do Starbucks, airlines and hotels know that you don’t? They concentrate on creating long-term, loyal customers. Provide your best clientele with special deals, and you’ll own them for life.
  6. Stock your shelves! It’s so obvious that some merchants overlook ensuring that their inventory is neatly displayed. A messy sales floor with empty shelves is a real consumer turn-off.
  7. Entertain your customers. Make an excursion to your business a family. Characters in costume, free samples and games with prizes draw the crowds and create the buzz.
  8. Stop fighting it: advertise on-line. It’s time to adjust to a changing world: consumers frequently research products and prices on-line, and make their buying decisions accordingly. Local on-line advertising like Google Ad Words and Yelp are hugely popular. Get your name to the top of their searches. And while we’re at it…
  9. Sell on-line. Even if you operate a small business, you want to sell where your customers are buying. These days, you can set up an e-commerce site in a day, or sell on Amazon and EBay in minutes.
  10. And finallyLet’s wrap it up! Don’t make holiday gift wrap an afterthought. Put your wrappers in a prominent place, and they’ll draw a crowd. And make your branded wrapping spectacular!

Many SMB’s are hopeful and anticipate higher revenues as they approach the finish line of 2016. FinTech leader 800fund specializes in short term micro financing for businesses operating in retail, online and mobile environments.  Subscribe to our newsletter for more tips on growing and financing your business.

About the Company:

800fund is a leading merchant cash advance and short-term alternative lender to small- and medium-sized businesses.

Products and Services Offered by Merchant Cash Advances, Working Capital, Alternative Financing, Business Loan Alternatives, Short-Term Financing, Invoice Factoring, Purchase Order Financing, unsecured business financing, poor credit business loan alternatives.

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New York, NY 10004

T: (212) 865-3863 │ F: (800) 908-8550

Employees: 50-100

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