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7 Secrets That Only the Best Holiday Retailers Know   

NEW YORK, NOV 16, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) Make sure Santa treats you right this season? 800fund, one of the fastest-growing providers of small- and medium-sized business funding, polled some of the savviest retailers for their tricks in maximizing their busiest time of the year. The good news? It’s not too late for you to share their success.

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  1. Make sure your wrapping is on-point. Everyone who visits NYC during the Christmas holidays spends time on Fifth Avenue, window shopping some of the world’s most beautiful stores. The takeaway? Spend the time—and money—making your storefront a memorable sales display. Now knock their socks off, and their sure to drop in.
  2. Get your customers moving in the right direction? Think about it: most supermarkets have their entrances on the right side of the store (or direct you that way). Why? A consumer inevitably looks left when walking into a store. Let them get the full measure of your business as soon as they walk in. They’ll naturally want to explore.
  3. Make it a surprise entrance. Set the mood immediately by creating a dramatic, unexpected display as soon as they walk in. Your customers’ natural curiosity will get the better of them, they’ll want to know more.
  4. Stop “Can I help you.” You walk into a store. A sales clerk asks you, “Can I help you.” Quick—what’s your answer? Inevitably, it’s, “No, thanks, I’m just looking.” And inevitably, your sales clerk slinks off dejectedly. Instead, they should introduce themself by name, enthusiastically tell the prospect about the brand new item that just arrived. “Hi, I’m Alex, I’ve got to show you these sweaters that just arrived! You’d look great in them. Let me show you!”
  5. Lay out the welcome mat. It wasn’t just good coffee that made Starbucks a huge success. They understood that providing their customers with a comfortable place to relax (and recharge themselves and their mobile phones) would make them come back day after day. Create a few relatively open spaces in your store, and furnish them with comfortable chairs and maybe a couch. Husbands won’t be rushing their wives out so quickly. And crowds bring more crowds.
  6. Make a trip to your store an adventure. The last thing you want is for your customer to look down one aisle after another, and walk on by. Try to create staggered or angled rows, so they’ll feel a sense of discovery and, hopefully, delight. Think out of the box and let your visitors have fun.
  7. Let your clients know that the holidays are special to you, too. Think about visitors to your home. You always want them to feel welcome and anticipate their needs. The same sense of hospitality should be felt at your store. If it’s cold outside, have someone help your customers with their coats. Offer them some hot cocoa or apple cider. Introduce yourself by name, and tell your customers how much you appreciate their visit.

These tips will make this holiday season a success. Some require you spending some time and money. Companies like 800fund provide working capital in time to capitalize on the year’s best selling opportunity. LLC provides Merchant Cash Advances, Working Capital, Alternative Financing, Business Loan Alternatives, Invoice Factoring, Purchase Order Financing, unsecured business financing, poor credit business loan alternatives.

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